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Responsive UX design for Clydesdale & Yorkshire bank

I helped Karmarama design and develop the user experience for a responsive customer engagement website for Clydesdale and Yorkshire bank.

Clydesdale Responsive Website

The Clydesdale and Yorkshire bank conducted an extensive survey to gauge customers’ feedback about their banking experience. They received a large volume of helpful insights. The results of the survey were analysed and the bank developed a framework in which to action the most popular and pragmatic suggestions.

Karmarama worked with the bank to develop an integrated campaign, centred around communicating the improvements to the customer experience.

The objective of the website was to bring this story to life, by presenting sample questions from the survey, along with real customer feedback and examples of actions taken by the bank.

I worked alongside the account, design and development teams at Karmarama to develop a responsive website experience that effectively showcased the campaign. We adopted an iterative process that involved the development of an HTML prototype. Throughout the project we had regular calls with the client (based in Scotland and Yorkshire) and internal reviews for key deliverables to ensure the project met the tight deadlines.

My responsibilities included

  • Requirements gathering (technical, content, business, user etc.)
  • Defining key user journeys
  • Competitor and landscape review
  • Initial sketching of key pages (alongside the Digital Design Director)
  • Development of a responsive Axure prototype
  • Development of an HTML style guide
  • Overseeing and presenting the UX direction to the internal team and client

Shout out to Ted Sterchi for his PhotoShop wizardry and hidden CSS skills.

Axure prototype video walk-through

Also published on Medium.

Requirements gathering for Clydesdale Bank
Capturing key requirements of the user experience during the discovery stage of the project.
Content mapping for Clydesdale Bank
Mapping out the key content areas of the experience.
User journey development for Clydesdale Bank
Defining the key user journeys through the experience.
Researching UI patterns for Clydesdale Bank
Looking for design inspiration: researching UI patterns.
UI sketches for Clydesdale Bank
Rough sketches of the UI.
HTML prototype for Clydesdale Bank
HTML prototype to demonstrate functionality and content reflow across various breakpoints.
HTML style guide for Clydesdale Bank
Defining key visual interactions in HTML to be passed across to the development partner.
Homepage design for Clydesdale Bank
Homepage carousel design.
Mobile UI design for Clydesdale Bank
Mobile UI design.
Desktop UI design for Clydesdale Bank
Desktop UI design.

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