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My consultancy services cover the entire UX design process including research, strategy and interaction design. I work in-house (client side or agency) or remotely.

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Research & Strategy

Designing successful digital products starts with a deep understanding of both your audience and their needs.

Heuristic Evaluation

Heuristic Evaluations

Using a predefined checklist of nine usability heuristics, I evaluate each in turn and provide an overall score to give an indication of relative performance.

This provides you with a structured, objective evaluation of your digital product.

UI Audits

By auditing your digital product’s user interface (UI), I gauge its consistency and identify which aspects should be improved to provide you with a more cohesive product.

UI Audit
Analytics Review

Analytics Reviews

By examining your digital product’s current usage, insights into what is and isn’t working can be gained. I then feed these insights into future design iterations to improve the user experience.

Competitor Reviews

By reviewing your competitors’ digital assets and the wider landscape, valuable insights and design inspiration can be gained.

I use these to help you define the features you should include (or avoid) when thinking about the next iteration of your digital product.

Competitor Reviews
User Personas

User Personas

I can help you craft relevant personas to provide you with a reference point to evaluate design decisions. This ensures you are creating a product that caters for the behaviours and needs of your target audience.

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Information Design

Ensure your digital products are easily navigable, searchable and frictionless through intuitive content grouping, site mapping and user flows.

User Journeys

By helping you identify key user needs/tasks and designing journeys through the user experience which support these, I can ensure your digital product is more relevant, rewarding and usable for your customers.

User Journeys
Content Audits

Content Audits

Whether you have an existing digital product you want to redesign, or a new product to launch, an audit can help you better understand your content, its structure, its usefulness for users and SEO friendliness.

The insights are fed into site mapping, content strategy and other areas.

Card Sorting

By asking users to sort content into groups, using a language that makes sense to them, you can better understand how to label and categorise your content, using user-centric language.

These insights are fed into navigation and call-to-action design to ensure your product is easy to navigate. This helps users complete the tasks they want, in the quickest way.

Card Sorting
Site/Content Mapping

Site/Content Mapping

Mapping the structure of your site/content in either a visual or tabular format helps you visualise and agree on where groups of information should logically sit within your product.

This is an important stage prior to embarking on wireframes and prototyping.

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Interaction Design

Memorable digital experiences are built around well-structured, usable interfaces and thoughtfully designed user interactions.

Wireframing and prototyping are a key part of interaction design to ensure you get concepts right early enough in the process. This minimises design flaws, encourages valuable user feedback and saves overall development time.



A wireframe is (usually) a grayscale mock-up of the structure of a web page or app screen. They illustrate the types of information present, hierarchy and the intended functionality.

Due to their paired-back nature, wireframes help stakeholders and digital design teams focus on a product’s structure and functionality.  This means time can be saved in visual design as the structure and functionality have already been defined without the distraction of styling, branding and interaction.


Rapid prototyping involves the creation of a basic model or early release of a product to validate a design or concept.

A prototype’s purpose is to facilitate discussion and gain feedback through visual stimuli rather than words.

I create prototypes at various levels of fidelity to satisfy different needs and audiences.

UI Design

UI Design

Developing a modern user interface that lets content shine and is a delight for users to use is crucial to the success of a digital product.

This phase is closely linked to wireframing and prototyping. I provide both hands on UI design as well as oversight from a UX point of view.

Pattern Libraries

Whether you have a single product or many, creating a consistent library of design patterns (or components) enables your company’s offering to be more consistent and scalable with each release.

I approach each project from a component point-of-view by default, so whether you just need wireframes or high-fidelity designs, I provide you with a re-usable library of components. 

Pattern Libraries

Sample pattern library viewed in Invision Design System Manager.

Design Systems

Polaris design system from Shopify.

Design Systems

A design system is a wider set of design principles and documentation that accompany a pattern library. Essential within organisations of all sizes they ensure design across products is consistent.

I can advise on the tools and process needed for you to kick-start your own design system.

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