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Responsive HTML prototype for Buzzacott

I helped Bostock and Pollitt design the user experience for Buzzacott's new corporate website.

Multi-device view of the Buzzacott responsive website


Buzzacott are a leading London-based accountancy firm with several hundred staff spanning a number of accountancy disciplines.

Buzzacott contacted design agency Bostock and Pollitt to help them redesign both the look and feel and the user experience of their corporate website.

Being one of Bostock and Pollitt’s preferred suppliers of UX Design consultancy they contacted me to help them develop a new information architecture and UX for the project.


The objective was to improve the categorisation, findability and searchability of site content as well as making it accessibly to users regardless of the device they were accessing the site from.


A fully responsive website was proposed to meet the client’s objective. Rather than develop multiple static wireframes to illustrate how content was structured and behaved across various breakpoints, I developed a responsive HTML prototype using Twitter Bootstrap.

This enabled us to:

  • Demonstrate to the client how site functionality and content would behave across different devices
  • Easily iterate and improve subsequent versions of the prototype as a result of client feedback

Having a functional HTML prototype (rather than a paper wireframe) improved the client’s understanding of responsive web design and reduced the time to sign off the UX Design prior to it going into visual design for ‘look and feel’.

This ultimately saved both the client and Bostock and Pollitt time and money and also resulted in a more usable and successful experience for both the client and the end user.

Sitemap detailing information grouping and hierarchy
Defining a new intuitive information architecture.
Tablet and mobile view of HTML prototype
Developing a responsive HTML prototype with Twitter Bootstrap enabled us to quickly demonstrate to the client how the experience would behave across various devices and breakpoints.
Buzzacott responsive homepage
Development of the homepage content and functionality.
Buzzacott news and insights listing page
News and Insights listing page content hierarchy.
Buzzacott news and insights page prototype
News and Insights article page content hierarchy.
Buzzacott responsive website homepage
News and Insights landing page design.
Buzzacott responsive website news and insights page
News and Insights article page design.

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