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UX design for a corporate document management system

I helped Mission London develop an HTML prototype for a corporate document management system for a UK-based PLC.

Document listing screen


As part of the project to design the UX for the front end of the document management system for a UK-based PLC I also design the user experience for the back end of the same system.

The admin area allows users to upload and manage documents, business functions and users in a simple and easy to use interface.

The strategy  team at Mission and I sketched and investigated ideas together through various whiteboard sessions.

Once we had agreement on the user flow and key screens I used Twitter Bootstrap to develop an interactive HTML prototype to demonstrate both the flow and the functionality through the system.

The prototype code was then used as the basis for the front end development for the next phase of the project.

Edit a document screen
Desktop view of the edit document screen allowing users to change the business/function, category and status of individual documents.
Add a new document screen
Add new document screen allowing users to upload a new document and then assign it a business/function, category and status.
Edit/Delete a business screen
Business/function listing page allowing users to edit or delete businesses/functions.
Responsive Document management system for T Clarke
Business/function sub-categories screen.

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