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User experience design for Gillette football YouTube channel CMS

I helped Rehab Studio develop the user experience for a custom built CMS for their client Gillette.

Edit page layout screen from the CMS prototype


As part of the redesign for the Gillette branded football channel on YouTube, Rehab Studio were tasked with building a bespoke CMS to allow the client to curate content from multiple YouTube sources into one branded experience.

I was asked by Rehab Studio to help them develop an HTML prototype of the CMS to enable their development team to build a usable tool for the client.


I worked closely with the Rehab development team and client to understand their functional requirements and limitations. I developed a functional HTML prototype using Twitter Bootstrap.

The development team liked it so much that they adopted both the prototype source code and the look and feel as the basis of their front end code for the CMS.

Rehab Studio went on further to say that they were thinking of white labelling the solution as a basis for their in-house CMS.

View all videos page from the CMS prototype
Video list view screen allowing the client to browse videos by region and status. The client can perform certain actions for individual videos and also bulk delete, archive or publish one or more videos.
Edit video page from the CMS prototype
Edit video screen allowing the client to add tags and add a video to a playlist.
Edit playlist page from the CMS prototype
Edit playlist screen allowing the client to curate lists of videos into thematic playlists.
Edit stat page from the CMS prototype
Edit stat screen allowing the client to create a bespoke football stat from a data feed.

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