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Responsive website development for Albert Angel Architecture & Design

I developed a multi-language, CMS-driven, responsive web site for Albert Angel Architecture & Design.


Albert Angel is a New York-based architecture and design studio. I partnered with Berlin-based, boutique design consultancy Ateliergrafik to deliver a multi-language, CMS-driven, responsive website.

Ateliergrafik developed the initial design concept and animation storyboard which they had developed in conjunction with Albert Angel. I was brought onboard to give technical consultancy and develop the front and back end architecture of the website.


The responsive website is an immersive experience which showcases Albert Angel’s design and architecture portfolio. The site is fully accessible on desktop, tablet and mobile devices, with the content available in English, French and Indonesian. The client also has full control over the content of the site via a heavily customised WordPress back end.

Project highlights include

  • Multi-language support
  • Fully responsive design
  • Immersive desktop user experience
  • Fully content managed
  • Optimised for SEO
  • Cross browser compatibility
Immersive homepage design utilising project thumbnails to encourage users to explore Albert's architectural portfolio.
Project page with full-screen image slideshow to maximise each project's stunning imagery.
Project details fly-out panel keeps the emphasis on the visuals whilst providing access to more details about each project.
Animated hierarchical navigation allow the user access to both website sections and projects.
Press releases.
Expanded press release in modal window.
Stylised contact details page.

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