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Web development for WAVES for Development website

I developed a bespoke, multi-lingual WordPress website for surf charity WAVES for Development.

Screenshot of the who is WAVES homepage

In October 2010 I took some time out from user experience and travelled to Peru where I volunteered for the surf charity WAVES for Development. I taught both English and IT in the local school and assisted in the surf education programme. I lived with other volunteers in the house of a local family in Lobitos, northern Peru.

As a result of my positive experience I offered to help WAVES by improving their presence on the web.

This involved reviewing their existing website presence and recommending a new web strategy, information architecture, look and feel and the technologies behind them. In short I rebuilt their website from the ground up.

I worked carefully with Dave Aabo, one of the key WAVES directors, based in New York to craft a user-centred architecture and create a clear, concise and inspiring user experience.

The new website was built upon the WordPress framework and allows WAVES to update content in various languages. Content creators can even log in to the CMS in their native language, providing the local audiences the tools with which to contribute to the website.

Social media is integral to WAVES and as such has been built into the core functionality of the new website with close integration with Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and Twitter.

Screenshot of the who is WAVES page
Desktop view of the about WAVES page template.
Screenshot of the WAVES Lobitos page
About Lobitos page template detailing more information about the town and WAVES involvement.
Screenshot of the WAVES news listing
Desktop view of the news listing page.
Screenshot of the WAVES photo gallery
Desktop view of the photo gallery page.

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