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Freelance UX Design Consultancy, London, Essex & Hertfordshire

I help businesses better understand their customers and develop more insightful, relevant and successful user experiences. Below is the list of the UX Design Services that I currently offer.

UX Audits

By auditing the UX of your current digital products I can help your business understand where improvements can be made.


Gain valuable user feedback, minimise design flaws and get your product to market quicker through rapid prototyping.


I develop wireframes that provide essential structural and functional blueprints to guide teams through the design and development phases of a digital project.

Information Architecture (IA)

I can help you better structure your content to ensure your digital product has an easily navigable, searchable and frictionless user experience.

User Journeys

By helping you identify key user needs/tasks and designing journeys through the user experience which support these, I can ensure your digital product is more relevant, rewarding and usable for your customers.

User Personas

I can help you develop personas for key user groups so that you can better understand the behaviours and needs of your target audience. This results in a more relevant and successful digital product.

Content Strategy

I can help you develop a robust content strategy to ensure your business has the right internal resources and processes to deliver engaging and relevant content for your users.