7th February 2017

Remote User Testing Framer Prototypes With Hotjar Analytics

A short guide for UX Designers and Prototypers interested in remote user testing Framer prototypes using the Hotjar analytics package.

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7th January 2017

Connecting Two Prototypes Using Framer Studio & Firebase

An account of how I connected two Framer prototypes using Framer Studio & Firebase to create a virtual light bulb and switch.

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23rd September 2016

Principle Prototype to Improve Runkeeper’s Manual Activity Logging

Frustrated with manual activity logging in Runkeeper, I built a Principle prototype to demonstrate how the experience could be improved.

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18th August 2016

12 Tips For UX Designers Who Want to Learn Prototyping

12 Tips For UX Designers Who Want to Learn Prototyping. A list of 12 tips & tools for UX Designers looking to improve their prototyping skills

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27th January 2016

Prototyping with Framer Studio

A short article about my experience of using Sketch and Framer Studio whilst working at Travel Supermarket in autumn 2015.

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31st August 2015

iPhone 6 UX prototyping with Sketch & Framer Studio

A few thoughts on creating my first iPhone 6 UX prototype using InVision's Now UI Kit for Sketch and Framer Studio.

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4th February 2014

Prototyping responsive user experiences with Foundation

Bringing the awesomeness of Foundation 5 to UX design: Prototyping responsive user experiences.

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15th April 2012

Rapid HTML prototyping with Twitter Bootstrap

I used Twitter Bootstrap to build a functional HTML prototype for a responsive e-commerce checkout.

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6th March 2012

Rapid HTML prototyping with jQuery Mobile

I used jQuery Mobile to build a basic web app prototype for a tablet-based user experience.

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