2nd March 2020

Designing With Data In Sketch App

A Sketch App tutorial showing how you can create UX mockups in 7 simple steps using Sketch, the Data Populator plugin and JSON.

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2nd July 2018

My UX Design Tools

Here I share the design tools I use on a daily basis to help others going through the same predicament of which tools to incorporate into their workflow.

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14th September 2016

User Experience & Luxury Fashion Brands: A UX Designer’s Perspective

The opportunities and challenges that I've faced, whilst consulting as a UX Designer for a leading UK, luxury fashion brand.

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20th June 2014

Improving the UX workflow for responsive design

A few notes on how I've tried to improve the UX workflow when designing and developing responsive experiences (RWD) for BT at Karmarama.

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19th April 2014

UX Faux Pas: Image Optimisation

A little story about image optimisation and how not to build a fashion website.

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6th May 2012

Using the new iPad for UX sketching

I've started using the new iPad, Paper and the Alupen to digitise my UX design sketching process.

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