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Responsive HTML prototype development for The Skills Show

I helped Coast Digital design the user experience for the The Skills Show website.

Multiple device view of the final homepage design


The Skills Show inspires and transforms young people’s lives through a series of interactive events held across the UK.

As part of a redesign initiative to make the site more engaging for its users I was asked by Coast Digital to help them redesign the user experience for the website.


I worked closely with Coast’s digital design and strategy teams to develop a streamlined content model and a responsive HTML prototype. This allowed the team to define the structure and strategy for the content of the site and then demonstrate how the content would behave at different breakpoints across various devices.

I then produced a annotated set of wireframes, based on screenshots of the prototype and handed that over to the development team for technical reference.

Both the project team and the client were extremely pleased with the outcome of the redesign.

Content modelling
Defining the content model for the site.
HTML prototype showing the homepage carousel
Desktop view of the homepage template in the HTML prototype.
Tablet and mobile view of News listing page
Tablet and mobile view of the news listing pages in the HTML prototype.
HTML prototype and finished page design side-by-side
Prototype and design views for the news article page.
Homepage design for The Skills Show website
Laptop view of the finalised homepage design.

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