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Rapid Prototyping for Travel Supermarket

I helped the design team breathe life into their static screens by building an interactive prototype with Sketch and Framer Studio.

Travelsupermarket Super Search Prototype


Last summer/autumn (2015) I freelanced as a Lead UX Designer at Travel Supermarket (a travel comparison website – part of the Money Supermarket Group).

During my time there I developed several prototypes that helped the design and product team bring their ideas to life.

The product team had an experimental feature for the website search, that enabled users to search for holidays using a more engaging interface. Previous development time had been invested, but going forward no extra development resource was available to continue the work.

Sketch & Framer Studio

Travelsupermarket Super Search Sketch Artwork

Using a combination of Sketch and Framer Studio I managed to recreate the original artwork in Sketch and then prototype the key transitions and interactions using Framer Studio.

Travelsupermarket Super Search Framer IU

I worked closely with the Product Manager to integrate new features and functionality. I also managed to turn the project around faster than the original*.

Video Walk-throughs

Below are two videos that demonstrate the prototype’s key interactions and transitions.


*The original project was built completely in code and could potentially be used as the basis of the production product. My prototype, although also built in code (CoffeeScript) was just a proof of concept. But at this stage of the project, we simply wanted to view, test and iterate as quickly as possible to validate whether the concept worked.

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