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Principle Prototype to Improve Runkeeper's Manual Activity Logging

Frustrated with manual activity logging in Runkeeper, I built a Principle prototype to demonstrate how the experience could be improved.

A hand holding an iPhone with the Runkeeper iOS App on screen

The Problem

As a keen user of the fitness tracking app, Runkeeper, I find it frustrating sometimes when adding an activity manually because I have to scroll through a long list of activities (some of which I never use) to find the one that I want.

Wouldn’t it be handy for users to be able to customise that list?

Principle Prototype

I developed a prototype using Sketch and Principle for Mac. This demonstrated how users might show/hide activities that they don’t use from the list.

This made the experience more personalised and easier to use. Users can always re-enable them at a later date.

Furthermore, users can re-order activities in the list to be able to access the most commonly used ones more quickly.

Also published on Medium.

Prototype Video Walk-through

Video walk-through showing the key screen transitions and interactions for the prototype.

Screen Layouts in Sketch

Sketch user interface showing mobile ux design for Runkeeper's iOS App
Laying out the key UI elements in Sketch.

Prototyping in Principle For Mac

Principle UI
Prototyping screen transitions and interactions in Principle for Mac.

Additional Thoughts

This functionality could also be exposed at the profile level to allow users to customise the activities, tips and cues that they experience throughout the app.

I've logged this as a feature request on the Runkeeper website, lets see what they say.

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