Avios - Do More

Generating awareness and driving action amongst existing customers through an engaging campaign microsite

  • Client: Avios
  • Agency: Rehab Studio
  • Date: July 2016
  • Duration: 1 month
  • My Role: UX Designer
  • Deliverables: User journeys, wireframes, prototyping

I helped the design team at Rehab Studio to develop an engaging user experience for the Avios 'Do More' campaign microsite.

The site's goal was to increase customer awareness of the experiences they could redeem with their Avios points. 

Avios Do More Project Hero

User Flow

Developing the key user journeys was essential for both the client and development teams to understand the user flow and logic through the experience. Below is a screenshot of one of the user types (the non-collector).

Avios Do More User Flow

Mobile Wireframes

Once all user flows were signed off, I developed wireframes (in Sketch) to outline the structure of key screens within the experience. These were essential for the UI designer as a reference point before starting her work. 

Avios Do More Mobile Wireframes

Desktop Wireframes

I later developed desktop wireframes for the responsive experience. 

Avios Do More Desktop Wireframes 1
Avios Do More Desktop Wireframes 2

Mobile Prototype Video

The Sketch wireframes were imported in InVision and a basic click-through prototype was developed. Below is a video capture demonstrating one of the user journeys on a mobile device.

UI Design

Select screenshots of the responsive UI design developed by Rehab Studio's UI Designer.

Avios Do More Desktop UI
Avios Do More Mobile UI 1
Avios Do More Mobile UI 2
Avios Do More Mobile UI 3
Avios Do More UI On Device


Joana Guimaraes Profile Photo
Gui Guimaraes
Senior Interactive Producer
“I had the pleasure to work with Ben on a project for Avios that required elaborate UX Design work and he completed it flawlessly as expected.”