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Information Architecture (IA)

Using tools and methods such as content auditing, card sorting and site mapping, I can ensure your digital product has an easily navigable, searchable and frictionless user experience.

Content Auditing

Whether you have an existing digital product you want to redesign, or a new product to launch, a Content Audit can help you better understand your content, its structure, its usefulness for users and SEO friendliness.

This usually takes the form of a spreadsheet with various columns e.g. Title, Intro, Body Copy, Images etc. The insights of this exercise feed into site mapping, content strategy and other areas.

Card Sorting

By asking users to sort content into groups, using a language that makes sense to them, you can better understand how to label and categorise your content, using user-centric language.

These insights are fed into navigation and call-to-action design to ensure your product is easy to navigate and helps users complete the tasks they want, in the quickest way.

Site Mapping

Mapping the structure of your site in either a visual or tabular format helps you visualise, and agree on where groups of information should logically sit within your product.