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Avios Do More UX Prototype

I developed an interactive prototype using Sketch & InVision to demonstrate the UX of the Avios' 2015, 'Do More' campaign microsite.

Avios Do More Responsive Microsite


Avios, the travel loyalty scheme company wanted to increase customer satisfaction by prompting account holders to browse and redeem experiences with their Avios points.

101 led the creative activity and produced supporting banners, press and outdoor ads. Rehabstudio were responsible for developing the microsite that enabled customers to create personalised ads for Avios account holders.

Video Walk-through

A basic, interactive prototype using Sketch & InVision to demonstrate the UX of the Avios’ microsite.


The objectives of the campaign were:

  • To drive awareness amongst existing customers of the experiences they could redeem with their points.
  • To provide a tool for the relatives of existing customers to prompt the account holder to redeem an experience(s) with their points.

The microsite allowed existing customers to browse and redeem a gallery of experiences.

It also allowed fiends/relatives of existing customers to create a personalised message that would follow the account holder around the internet, prompting them to spend their points.


My responsibilities included:

  • Development of user flows for both the account holder and their friends/relatives
  • Wireframe development
  • Low-fidelity prototype (created in InVision)
  • Explaining the UX vision to the UI designer

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User Journey

Avios Do More User Journey
User journey for the Avios account holder - created in Sketch

Mobile Wireframes

Avios Do More Mobile Wireframes
Wireframes for key mobile screens - created in Sketch

Desktop Wireframes

Avios Do More Desktop Wireframes
Wireframes for desktop screens - created in Sketch

InVision Prototype

Avios Do More Responsive Prototype

UX/UI Before & After

Avios Do More WireframeAvios Do More UI Design
Use the slider to toggle between the wireframe/prototype and the design.

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