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Business Values

An insight into the way I conduct business.


I believe in being completely honest and open when dealing with clients. This means being totally transparent with regards to costs and project complexities.


I believe in keeping things as simple as possible. Why create extra complexity if it is not needed? The best experiences are usually the best.


It would be the understatement of the century to say that buzzwords, fads and trends are rather commonplace in the digital media industry. All this does is create confusion, frustration and poor experiences. I like to “cut the bullshit” and explain concepts as clear as possible, in a simple language. This helps project teams, partners and clients understand what needs to be done and produces a better end result for all involved.

Enjoying the journey

Professionalism is key to developing a good reputation in any business. But I also believe work should also be fun. Having a laugh along the way should be part of the experience. Dealing with people who take things too seriously and who can’t relax usually makes things harder, you got to enjoy the journey.


Producing quality works comes from being inspired by the project you are working on, the people around you and the environment you work in. Everyone produces their best work in slightly different ways. Entrusting people to work under their own initiative encourages better quality of work. If you produce your best work by sitting in a cafe, sketching ideas out on paper, then you should been given the flexibility to do so.

Taking breaks to re-energise and leaving work on time should also be encouraged, and not frowned upon. In short, 8 hours of effective working are better than 12 hours spent in the office (because you were on Facebook for half the day).

Outside of the office environment, I believe you can learn valuable and transferable experiences through contact with other cultures, being closer to nature and pushing yourself mentally and physically.